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Getting admission to a medical program in India is a herculean task, as the number of medical seats are quite limited and admission process is highly competitive. Even though, capitation fees is banned in India, private medical colleges are still collecting huge amount of money for medical school admissions, which is often not affordable for the  middle class family. If you are a serious medical aspirant, the question “ Where to study medicine outside India” would have haunted for some time. Let us check which are the popular destinations for studying medicine overseas. While the main destinations for studying medicine for Indian students are US and UK, there are plenty of options which a serious aspirant need to consider.  US medical school admission is a long and competitive process and requires a four year bachelors degree in biological sciences, medical college admission test (MCAT) scores, interviews, letter of recommendations and application essays for considering to medical schools.


Philippines is one of the key destinations for studying medicine as it offers quality medical education at economic budget. Philippines, being an English-speaking country is a blessing for Indian students as it helps you to feel comfortable and also do away with the difficulty of learning a new language. Every medical aspirant needs to apply for NMAT (National Medical Admission Test) which is the pre-requisite for studying medicine in Philippines. Successful candidates can pursue Post Graduate Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree which is a 4-year course. After completing the course, students need to undertake 1-year PG internship which enables them to serve as a doctor in Philippines. Students need to take up examination as suggested by MCI to work in India. Total tuition fee is nearly sixteen lakhs and living expenses is also minimal.

Main medical university : University of Santo Tomas, Philippines


If studying medicine in Europe is your dream, give Bulgaria a try as it is affordable compared to other European countries. Quality of education is at par with other European countries, fees is affordable, education is acknowledged in other European Union countries etc. International students appreciate the good quality of education rendered, reasonable tuition fees and living cost, safe and friendly environment, qualifications recognized in EU countries and beyond, possibility of medical school transfer, well trained and experienced staff, student mobility, etc.

Main medical universities : University of Sofia and University of Pleven.


Other European destination for Indian students is Republic of Moldova, where State medical and pharmaceutical University offers admission to international students.


China is one of the hotspots for medical aspirants which is able to grab as high as 6000 Indian students per year in different medical universities. MBBS, BDS, MD etc. are different medical courses offered in China and nearly 52 medical schools accept Indian students. However, one needs to be keen while applying to studying medicine in China as there are plenty of medical schools with way low rankings. Tuition fee and living expenses is too low in China compared to other countries.

Main medical universities : Tianjin Medical University, Fudan University, Jiangsu University


Russia is yet another key foreign medical destinations for Indian students. One could pursue medicine degree in six years and the fees required to complete MBBS degree spans in the range of INR 8-11 lakhs. Admission process is quite easy and also provides medicine programs in Russian, French and English languages. One of the key benefits of medical study in Russia is that degree is recognized by UNESCO, WHO etc.

Main medical universities : Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russian State Medical University, Volgograd State Medical University, Volgograd.