The cost of medical education: Government medical colleges vs. Private medical colleges in India

In this article, I would discuss the difference between the costs of medical education in India and compare both the government and private medical colleges.  Most of the students opt for government medical colleges, mainly because of the low Fee Structure which government medical colleges offer.

In India, Government Medical Colleges and Universities have eased as far as low spending plan of Medical Education. All Indians can apply for admission to government medicinal schools claimed by the Center or subsidized by the Center like AFMC, CMC and so forth.  Aside from this, all the states in India have 15% seats for medical Colleges held for the CBSE Pre Medical Test clearing students that are around 2000 seats. So on the off chance that you are a bright student and have the ability to clear such passage then go and get admission in low budget medical colleges. In such universities, charges can be a maximum of INR 75,000 every year.

Top medical colleges in India and fees

AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences)

Achieving a medical seat in AIIMS is the dream of every medical student. It is well known for its infrastructure and skilled doctors. Fess is INR 8140 for pursuing MBBS degree ( grand total).

Christian Medical College, Vellore

Students need to spend nearly INR 1.12 Lakhs to pursue medical course in CMC, Vellore. Moreover, they offer scholarships to students who hail from families with family income lesser than 1 lakh.

AFMC, Pune

This is a leading medical college in Pune and has allotted 130 seats for MBBS degree. Fees is INR 2000 per year.

Lady Hardinge Medical College – Delhi (LHMC Delhi)

LHMC is a leading medical college in Delhi and has allotted 150 seats for MBBS degree. Fees is INR 6525 (total).

Entrance exams for medical college

The private medical schools and universities in India give admissions to students on the basis of merit tests. Private Colleges are putting forth their merit seats by means of an Examination, for example, Comed Karnataka, Manipal Exam and so on. Every State may have one or more Associations of Private therapeutic and dental universities who will direct an exam and enroll students on the basis of the exam they conduct. Private medical Universities will lead their own particular examination. So there is a variety of exams for admission to private medical universities in India.

The expenses range from Rs. 3 to 4 lacs a year or Rs. 18 to 22 lacs over the length of the course. This is the figure that is rising and evolving quickly. The expense of having the medical education is raised by twofold for the current year. Keep in mind to include Rs 4 lacs for the course books, perhaps the lodging rent and food as well.

So your expense of getting trained as a skilled doctor will be Rs. 40 to 50 lacs more than 5 ½ years if you get into a Private College on the basis of merit.