Tips for selecting a foreign school for medical education

Selecting the right medical school can be a perplexing process, especially if you wish to pursue medical studies abroad.  Almost every candidate love to be part of tier-1 medical schools, whereas not everyone is able to have the right score to get into such schools.

Let us learn about important factors to consider when selecting a foreign school for medical education.

Location of medical school

The first factor you need to consider when selecting a foreign school is the location of medical school. Getting a medical school admission in expensive cities like California can bring financial issues for medical students. Philippines, Russia, China etc. are some countries which provide quality education at affordable rates. However, you need to learn about the affiliation and recognition of course thoroughly before securing a seat in medical college.

Number of schools

Applying to more number of schools would increase your odds of selection. However, you may end up paying too much for application charges if you have applied for too much of schools. You also need to spend more time for applying for more colleges. One could apply for about 13-15 schools depending on the grade.


You may check average score of medical schools for which you need to apply in the website. Don’t be disheartened by the average score; Bear in mind that the average score encompass scores both above and below the mean. If the GPA of a medical school is 3.6, it can accept students in the range of 3.4 – 3.8. If your GPA is below the average score of a school, you may still consider applying for the school especially if you have strong personal/mini statement. You may apply for

  • Some high-tier medical schools ( though your score is lower)
  • Medical schools in which your score matches with that of school
  • Backup schools in which your score is better

This way you can increase the odds of your selection.

Academic focus

Some Medical schools focus on research , whereas other schools give emphasis to primary care. If you wish to be on the research side, then you need to chose schools which offer more opportunities for research. Similarly, if you wish to be part of primary care, then you can join medical schools that provide better patient contact. You may also need to consider faculty to student ratio. Better faculty to student ratio provides better individual attention to students.

Pressure factor and student life

Some of the medical colleges are more relaxed in terms of academics, and the pressure factor would be lower. However, some other medical colleges can be really competitive which can be burdening for some students. You may network and get in touch with current students of the medical school to get a fair idea of the college.

Finances and scholarship

You need to analyze your financial condition and determine which is the best medical college for you. If you hail from a middle-class family and don’t have deep pockets, you may consider schools which offer scholarship to candidates. This can also reduce your stress levels on the education and help you to perform well in the medical school. However, if you gained admission in a well-reputed college, then you may consider going to such medical colleges even if the tuition fee is higher. Such colleges can provide you more exposure in terms of research and hence could give you better edge on the long-run.